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Aimpoint Pro Vs Trijicon MRO

Aimpoint Pro and Trijicon MRO are both red dot sights suitable for rifles and shotguns. A red dot sight is usually preferred when quick and accurate target acquisition is a priority. These to red dot sights are available in a similar price range. However, Aimpoint Pro is an old model that has been trusted by many and tested by time. On the other hand, Trijicon MRO is a relatively new model that offers a compact size and a large viewing field. Which is the best red dot sight for you?

Aimpoint Pro Vs Trijicon MRO

Design and Dimensions
A red dot sight is usually smaller and lighter than a magnifying riflescope. But some red dot sights are still more compact and more lightweight than others. Trijicon MRO is smaller and more compact than Aimpoint Pro. The overall length is shorter. This is a great advantage if you plan to install another sight on your gun, as Trijicon MRO will leave plenty of space on the rail. It is also great if your gun simply cannot take something bigger or beefier. But, if size is not a big factor to consider, Aimpoint Pro still makes a very viable option; the integrated lens covers are very handy for storage and traveling.

Both devices are well-built and durable. They are certainly waterproof and weatherproof. Their housings are strong, rugged, and durable. Aimpoint Pro has been around for a longer time and is praised by many because of the quality and reliability; it doesn’t lose the zero even after traveling on an awful terrain for a considerable time. (Take a look : Vortex Sparc 2 Vs Aimpoint PRO)

Features and Performance
Both red dot sights here have the 2 MOA reticle size. Their reticles are both adjustable. You can adjust the brightness level to adapt to different times of the day and different environments. Both models are also compatible with night vision devices. But the field of view on Trijicon MRO is a little bit wider than that of Aimpoint Pro, allowing you to see a wider area of the surrounding. Both have great image quality. Their battery life is more-or-less similar. They have very long battery life that you can leave them turned on continuously, and they will last for at least three years. Always on, always ready.

Aimpoint Pro Vs Trijicon MRO

Aimpoint ProTrijicon MRO

If you prefer a product that has been proven by the test of time, Aimpoint Pro is the way. It is highly durable and reliable, and the lens covers are a great addition that will keep the lenses clean and protected. However, if you need something more compact, Trijicon MRO should be your choice. The wider field of view is a nice plus point.

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