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Burris AR 536 Vs Trijicon ACOG

If you have been looking for a nice weapon sight to be equipped on your AR rifle, you may have received quite a lot of suggestions to get either Burris AR 536 or Trijicon ACOG. Both of those two products are very popular scopes for AR rifles. However, seriously, the two are standing in very different price ranges. Just like what you would expect from such advanced weapon sight, Trijicon ACOG is being priced above a thousand bucks. On the other hand, Burris AR 536 often becomes the choice when the concerning factor is the value per money spent. So, which one should you go with?

Burris AR 536 Vs Trijicon ACOG

Usually, the more compact a weapon sight is, the better. This is because you want to avoid the possibility of bumping a bulky scope into things while you want to be mobile and agile. If this is the perspective, then Burris AR 536 is certainly the one that holds the better edge. Compared to Trijicon ACOG, Burris AR 536 is much more compact and lightweight, allowing you to maintain your speed and swiftness with your gun. The design is also relatively simple with easy-to-use controls. On the other hand, Trijicon ACOG comes with a unique, if not strange shape that is bigger and heavier.

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These two products have different magnification levels. Burris AR 536 is armed with a 36 mm objective lens which is capable of 5x magnification. On the other hand, Trijicon ACOG comes with a 32 mm objective lens that offers 4x magnification. So, in terms of magnification power, Burris AR 536 is again the winner.

Now, this is where Trijicon ACOG shines. Compared to Burris AR 536, it has much more reliable and convenient performance. The thing about Trijicon ACOG is that it is built around the Bindon Aiming Concept, which allows both eyes to open while aiming, which is beneficial for a wider field of view and faster target acquisition. As the effect, the sight is extremely flexible and versatile, performing not only at long distances but also in CQB situations. In addition, Trijicon ACOG also combines fiber optics and tritium phosphor lamp for optimum brightness in all light conditions. On the other hand, Burris AR 536 is good when high magnification levels are needed. The image quality is good, but the field of view is not as great as Trijicon ACOG. The reticle is illuminated, with five brightness levels available.

Burris AR 536 Vs Trijicon ACOG

Burris AR 536Trijicon ACOG

Trijicon ACOG may not be the choice if the price is your primary concern. However, for the best performance, it should be the way. On the other hand, Burris AR 536 can be a budget alternative, especially if you can benefit from the higher magnification power.

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