Elcan SpecterDR Vs Trijicon VCOG

So, you are now building up an AR rifle, but you can’t choose between Elcan SpecterDR and Trijicon VCOG. Both are widely loved riflescopes that people choose for their AR rifles. Elcan SpecterDR, on one hand, is a trustworthy optical sight that has withstood the test of time. It offers a unique advantage in the form of the ability to flip between 1X and 4X magnification levels almost immediately. On the other hand, Trijicon VCOG is a highly versatile scope that offers up to 6X magnification for long-range shooting. Below, we will see the more detailed comparisons between Elcan SpecterDR and Trijicon VCOG.

Elcan SpecterDR Vs Trijicon VCOG

Size and Weight
Put the two items side by side and you can immediately tell the difference. Elcan SpecterDR is much shorter and more compact than Trijicon VCOG. If you prefer a small riflescope for the sake of better mobility or attaching other accessories on your gun’s rail, you will have a better chance with Elcan SpecterDR. But, if the size is not a problem for you, then Trijicon VCOG is still viable. Let us note too that Elcan SpecterDR is quite more lightweight than Trijicon VCOG. Both the smaller form factor and lighter weight make Elcan SpecterDR much more portable than Trijicon VCOG.

These two riflescopes come with different features and advantages here. Elcan SpecterDR is coming with a unique design that promotes immediate switching between the 1X and 4X magnification levels without anything in-between. In other words, it only has two magnification levels, 1X and 4X. Being able to quickly switch between no magnification and medium magnification is a huge advantage on the battlefield. You will be able to take enemies nearby using the 1X magnification and then take care of the distant threats using the 4X magnification, without having to manually adjust screws. Just flip the switch.

On the other hand, Trijicon VCOG is more of a typical riflescope, with 1X – 6X magnification levels. You will have to adjust it manually. But it is flexible and versatile in a sense that it can be used to shoot down more distant targets using the higher magnification levels.

Elcan SpecterDR Vs Trijicon VCOG

Elcan SpecterDRTrijicon VCOG

Well, Elcan SpecterDR and Trijicon VCOG are apparently suited for different purposes. Elcan SpecterDR should be your choice for a front-line battle rifle; the ability to flip between 1X and 4X magnification levels is a huge advantage when you have to deal with both close and distant threats. It is also more compact and more lightweight. However, if you need something for sniping from a distance, Trijicon VCOG’s higher magnification is more suitable.

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