EOTech 512 Vs 518

You can’t go wrong with EOTech. They are one of the most renowned manufacturers of weapon sights, and their products always come with superior quality. In this article, we will help you choose between EOTech 512 vs 518, which are holographic weapon sights with essentially the same functionality. However, there are distinctions in the design, ergonomics, and reticle options.

Below, you can find out more about:
– The size and weight of each holographic weapon sight here
– The controls, ergonomics, and color choices of each model
– The reticle options available on EOTech 512 vs 518
– The performance and battery life
– Which holographic weapon sight that is more recommended

Size and Weight
First of all, let’s take a look at the dimensions of the two holographic weapon sights. The differences aren’t dramatic, but still noticeable. If you want to equip an additional scope for long-range shooting, you may need to consider carefully the length of the weapon sight of your choice. See also: EOTech 512 vs 552.

EOTech 512 is very popular because of good reasons. For sure, it is an ideal choice when you need speed and versatility. It is compact and lightweight. The total length is only 5.6 inches, and the weight is barely 11.5 oz. Compared to EOTech 518, this model is slightly smaller, as the width is only 2 inches and height 2.5 inches. With this model, you can easily maneuver and navigate through any terrain.

EOTech 518 is basically an evolution of EOTech 512. It retains the good things of the predecessor while making good improvements where necessary. It has the same length, which is 5.6 inches. However, it is slightly heavier at 13.8 oz. This isn’t a big deal, though, as the weapon sight is still quite lightweight.

Nevertheless, EOTech 518 is slightly bulkier. The width is 2.2 inches, and the height is 2.9 inches. In most cases, you don’t need to worry about the increased dimensions. You can still maneuver easily with this sight. However, if you really want to get the most compact and lightweight option, EOTech 512 is the way to go.

The biggest difference between EOTech 512 vs 518 is the ergonomics. EOTech 512 is not really good in this aspect because you can’t keep your eyes on the optics when making some adjustments. Apparently, the company is aware of the issue, so EOTech 518 comes with side-mounted controls.

EOTech 512 has one quirk: the buttons are placed on the rear of the optics. Perhaps the good thing about this design is that it is ambidextrous; you can use either hand to access the buttons. However, you cannot do so while keeping your eyes on the optics. This is very inconvenient when you already have a good aim but need to make just a simple adjustment.

EOTech 518 has side-mounted controls. So, you can access the controls while keeping your eyes on the optics. This is definitely much better than EOTech 512. It shows that a simple change on the design can bring a huge improvement to the convenience.

EOTech 512 has black and camo color options. There are Mossy Oak Obsession and Realtree APG camo patterns available, so you can choose the one that suits your weapon best. On the other hand, EOTech 518 is only available in black without any camo option.

Reticle Options
The next difference between EOTech 512 vs 518 is that they come with different reticle options. EOTech 512 only has the -0 reticle pattern, which has a single dot. EOTech 518 is available with -0 and -2 reticle patterns.

The -0 reticle pattern is the most popular choice, so there is no surprise that EOTech 512 comes with it. This reticle pattern has a 1 MOA dot that is surrounded by a 68 MOA ring. This reticle pattern is ideal when you need fast target acquisition.

It has three aiming points. With a load of .223 cal, 62 gr, 2,900 vel, the center dot is accurate for 50 yards and 200 yards (medium range), while the lowest part of the ring is accurate for 7 yards (close range). With a shotgun, the ring can be used to determine the shot pattern, but you also need to consider the choke and shell selection.

EOTech 518 has the same -0 reticle pattern, but you can also get the sight with the -2 reticle pattern. This reticle pattern is identical to the -0 pattern, except for an additional dot under the center dot. The additional dot is useful for long-range shooting. With a load of .223 cal, 62 gr, 2,900 vel, it is accurate for 500 yards.

Brightness and Performance
EOTech 512 and EOTech 518 are identical in terms of brightness and performance. Each of them has 20 brightness settings. The overall brightness is excellent; you can increase or decrease it as needed. When in normal daylight, the nominal setting 12 is good.

Note that these models do not have night vision compatibility. These holographic weapon sights are designed for use without night vision. If you need an NV-compatible unit, you should consider either EOTech 552 or EOTech 558.

The lenses are obviously of high quality. They provide bright and crisp images. You can see objects and identify patterns from far away, thanks to the excellent sharpness. The center dot is small enough to allow precision aiming without blocking your view of the target.

Battery Life
EOTech 512 and EOTech 518 also have identical battery life. Each of them works with two 1.5V AA batteries. You can use alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable batteries.

The battery life is great. From a set of lithium batteries, you can get about 1,000 continuous hours. This is at the nominal setting 12 and in room temperature. However, note that higher brightness levels may consume more power, and environment temperatures may also affect the battery life. Meanwhile, with alkaline batteries, you can get about 600 continuous hours, also at the nominal setting 12 and in room temperature.

EOTech 512 Vs 518

- Holographic Weapon Sight
- Imported
- Holographic sight designed
- Requires 2 AA batteries
- Aluminum
- Made in USA
- 518 w/68/1 MOA QD mount Blk
- Highly durable product

These two models have identical performance and batteries. They both have excellent image quality and great battery life. However, EOTech 518 comes with improved ergonomics. It has side-mounted controls so that you can make adjustments without losing your sight. EOTech 518 is also available with more reticle patterns. There is the -2 reticle pattern, which is great for long-range setting. So, EOTech 518 is more recommended.