EOTech 512 Vs 552

Holographic weapon sights are very popular for a variety of weapons because they offer such an excellent level of versatility. They can give you the edge needed in close-quarter combats, but also function to help you aim from a medium distance. Unlike red dot sights, the hologram reticle is sharper and crisper, and does not block your sight to the target, allowing for an improved accuracy and precision. Now, if you are looking for a good value holographic weapon sight, EOTech 512 and EOTech 552 are very popular models on the market. The two seem to be very identical to each other. Yet, EOTech 552 is priced higher than EOTech 512. Did we miss anything?


Design and Construction
EOTech 512 and EOTech 552 are more-or-less of the same size and weight. They each measures by 5.6” x 2” x 2.5” and weighs about 11.5 oz. As you can see, both are quite compact and lightweight, so neither of them will be a hindrance to your mobility. They can also work with other additional scopes if needed. Both models are available in black and camo color variants, also with 1” Weaver rail mount or MIL-STD-1913 rail mount. In addition, EOTech 512 only has a single standard reticle type, while EOTech 552 is also available with the .XR308 reticle.

However, EOTech 552 is more likely to give you a more practical and convenient usage than EOTech 512. This is because EOTech 512 has the function buttons placed on the rear. Such placement is difficult to reach. You can hardly press the buttons without lowering your gun. On the other hand, EOTech 552 has the buttons placed on the left side, which allows for easier reach even as you aim. Both models are water resistant, but EOTech 512 is only submersible to 10 ft. underwater whereas EOTech 552 is submersible to 33 ft. depth. FYI, EOTech 512 Vs 553.

Performance and Feature
Both models have an excellent field of view. The reticle is generally very easy to see, allowing for quick target acquisition. They both have 20 daylight brightness settings. However, EOTech 512 is not NV-compatible. EOTech 552, on the other hand, features 10 additional settings for Generation I to Generation III+ Night Vision devices.

Both models work with a pair of 1.5V AA batteries. You can use either lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries. Their battery life is also similar. With lithium batteries, they can last about 1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12, while with alkaline batteries, they can last about 600 hours.

EOTech 512 Vs 552


All in all, EOTech 552 is indeed the more superior product here. It comes with a more rugged construction and additional NV settings. However, if you don’t use any NV device, you can stick with EOTech 512.