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EOTech 512 Vs Aimpoint Pro

A holographic weapon sight is loved by many shooters due to the flexible and versatile performance. It can greatly improve your shooting accuracy from close to medium ranges. Now, if you are looking for the best bang for the bucks, EOTech 512 and Aimpoint Pro should have become your primary choices. Available in a similar price range, EOTech 512 and Aimpoint Pro are very popular on the market. Yet, before you make a choice, make sure that you are aware of the differences between these two models so that you have a good idea about which one that will suit you best.


The first difference that you can immediately notice between EOTech 512 and Aimpoint Pro is, of course, the design. EOTech 512 is rather compact, designed in a rectangular shape and with rectangular optics. The control and function buttons are located on the rear. EOTech 512 boasts a water-resistant construction, submersible up to 10 ft underwater. The body is rugged and durable. On the other hand, Aimpoint Pro is tubular. It is designed more like a typical scope and even features lens covers to protect the optics. The adjustment knob is placed on the side. The hard anodized aluminum alloy housing is extremely solid and strong, able to endure extreme real world conditions. It is waterproof to 150 feet.

EOTech 512 and Aimpoint Pro come with different reticle styles, and this difference is one of the most crucial differences. EOTech 512 features a 1 MOA dot with a 65 MOA reticle ring. The reticle is fully adjustable, and you can shift the position on the field of view. The dot-circle reticle performs excellently at almost any range. On the other hand, Aimpoint Pro comes with a simple single red dot. The size of the dot is 2 MOA. In addition, EOTech 512 also provides a much broader field of view than Aimpoint Pro, allowing you to see more as you aim through the optics.

Battery Life
Even though EOTech 512 actually has a decent battery life, it is still inferior compared to Aimpoint Pro. This is due to the more complex reticle that consumes more power. On the good side, EOTech 512 is very flexible with batteries; it simply requires two 1.5V AA batteries, and you can use lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries. On lithium batteries, EOTech 512 can last for 1,000 continuous hours. On the other hand, Aimpoint Pro works with a 3V lithium battery that provides a battery life of 30,000 continuous hours.

EOTech 512 Vs Aimpoint Pro

EOTech 512Aimpoint Pro

EOTech 512 makes an excellent choice for the sophisticated reticle system. The advanced reticle design provides superior accuracy and confidence in your shooting. If you don’t mind replacing the batteries every once in a while, it should be the way to go. However, if you prioritize battery life, you should go with Aimpoint Pro.