Eotech 518 Vs 558

Holographic sight is often said to be superior to a regular red dot for its various benefits. They are also a bit more on the expensive side but if your application calls for a holographic sight then it is wise to spare some to purchase a reliable model such as the popular Eotech 518 Vs 558. This brand is very well-known for their sight and if you are also looking to get one of them, do check below about which of the two will be the better choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Differences Between Red Dot and Holographic
  • What are Eotech 518 and 558
  • How are the Built of Eotech 518 and 558
  • How are the Reticle on Eotech 518 and 558
  • How are the Brightness of Eotech 518 and 558
  • What else Eotech 518 and 558 can offer
  • Eotech 518 Vs 558

Red Dot and Holographic 

When choosing for a sight, chances are you will meet with a variety of options that all seem so similar to each other. For those users who are shopping to pair their rifle with a sight and mostly use it as civilian home defense and probably some law enforcement need as well, the options often fall between red dot and holographic sights. You will find so many options from the two categories and in comparison the latter will be the more modern in terms of technology.

The reason why they are often compared is because the two are very similar to each other. Since they are designed for short distance usage, you don’t get magnification in these sights unlike those in scopes like Trijicon AccuPoint Vs Vortex Razor. When mounted in a typical modern rifle, even beginners can use the sight without much problem and usually the effective distance is about 50 yards or can be extended around double its range and even more with further practice.

Both red dot and holographic sight have reticles which are electronically powered and in most cases they are from battery while you will also find some models that can take up solar energy as the backup power source. In comparison to the more traditional iron sight, these two only require you to place the reticle on the target without having to line up a front and rear sight. This method allows users to acquire targets faster as well as making a reasonable level of accuracy.

The main difference between red dot and the holographic is on the technology being used. To put it simply, the red dot sight emits an LED beam towards the coated glass at the front and the partially silvered coating will reflect the red spectrum towards the eyes while letting most of the other light go through it. Instead of LED, holographic sight uses a laser that is transmitted from a diode and then reflected by multiple mirrors to send the holographic image to your eyes.

Eotech 518Eotech 558
Product Dimensions7 x 7 x 4 inches7 x 7 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 Pounds1.25 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

What makes many people move into holographic sight is because of the reticle itself since there are more to offer in this sight. For example the common red dot only comes with a 2 MOA reticle or larger in red or green color while on the other hand holographic can have a small 1 MOA dot in the middle and a larger 68 MOA ring around it that can be featured with marking in all of its 12, 3, 6, and 9 points.

About Eotech 518 and 558

If you are here then we do assume that you are also thinking that holographic is superior or more ideal for your type of application since we also believe that the more affordable red dot can be as effective too. With the popularity of holographic sight, we can find so many options out there and while it means we can freely choose any of them that seem to work better or match the budget, it also means we have to spend a lot of time checking the sight.

If this is your first sight or just have no time to see all of the options out there, it is probably more convenient to stick with the most popular choice as they will most likely meet your preference as well. When talking about holographic sight, one brand that comes to our mind instantly is Eotech and if you have been reading some recommendations then we are sure this is a very familiar name for you as well.

Pretty famous with their holographic sight, this leading brand is carrying lots of options in its catalog in which some may attract your attention too. It is great so we can choose the one that seems to fit in our application or just personal taste the most but again, it can be confusing too since there are so many of them and most are looking similar to each other such as the Eotech 518 and 558. Both of them were introduced at the same time but they are also different.

From the price point the latter will be more expensive so it is wise to know what this variant can offer and why it is better than others or if it will be a better choice for you. In terms of usability, the two are very much the same but you will get another feature from the 558 model that makes it better when used under low light conditions or when you need to pair the sight with a night vision; since none of the two are categorized as night vision.

Eotech 518 and 558 Built 

Before checking what Eotech 518 and 558 can offer, let first see the unit and as you can expect, they are almost identical in both shape and build structure. The design appreciation that we do like in these sites is they now move the buttons from the rear of the unit to the side which makes the two more ideal being paired with magnifier so now we don’t have to remove the scope away just to reach these buttons; they are now on your left still very easy to use.

They are very robust and the unit is sealed so they can be water resistant, putting your mind at ease when using them under not-so-friendly conditions. They can be installed with 1-inch weaver or MIL-STD rail and quick release system for all the convenience. In comparison the 518 somehow feels slightly lighter but even in form factor the 558 is a bit bulkier as well. To power these sights, you will need 2 AA alkaline batteries.

Eotech 518 and 558 Reticle

Moving further, let’s see what Eotech 518 and 558 can offer and as you may guess, they are also almost identical to each other here. The basic are they are the same 1 MOA reticle accompanied with a wider 68 MOA reticle around it. This is claimed to be unique by Eotech and can deliver fast target acquisition as well as accuracy at any range. Since they have a wider MOA ring around the center, we can also aim faster as it can pick up the target more effectively.

This 68 MOA ring is very useful in aiming application and also useful in measuring or estimating the target distance. For example a full human body will fill the whole ring when they are about 100 yards away and when the tip of their head are aligned with the 1 MOA reticle then the distance will be around 200 yards. In addition, there is a two-dot variant for the 518 model if you prefer which adds more usability for the long-range application.

Eotech 518 and 558 Brightness

Next is the brightness and similar to most sights, both of Eotech 518 and 558 are also adjustable and we do think they are on the same level here. You can adjust them to be as dim or as bright but it is a bit difficult to explain how bright they can go. Usually even the lower settings look enough but if needed you can always increase their brightness and on the higher setting the 68 MOA ring will look very thick even in daylight.

Eotech 518 and 558 Features

Lastly we want to talk about their features and this is specifically what set Eotech 518 and 558 apart from each other. The reason why 558 is heavier and more expensive is because it is a night-vision compatible which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to pair the sight with their vision while the 518 is non-compatible. In addition, there is an option to replace the stock battery cover with the optional single or dual laser battery.

You can choose the dual battery cover that has one visible red laser and 1 IR laser in case this sight will be paired with a night vision. Personally it is more convenient with AA batteries because they are easily available.

Eotech 518 Vs 558

Both of them are good options if you are in for a new sight and many have proved their performance as well. In comparison they are very much the same in terms of ease of use and the overall capabilities including the aiming and the brightness of the reticle but, the 588 model is also night vision compatible if you will be pairing the sight with another device. Personally we also like the new battery arrangement.

- EOTECH 518.A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
- Mount - Quick Detach lever fits 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails
- Adjustable Brightness - The 518 has 20 brightness settings for use in any lighting scenario
- Side Button Operation - Ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier
- EOTECH 558.A65 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring & 1 MOA dot reticle
- Night Vision Compatible - Works with all Gen 1-3 night vision devices
- Mount - Quick Detach lever fits 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails
- Side Button Operation - Ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier


All in all you can go amazing with any of them but we will recommend the 518 in case this is not going to be used with night vision but if you are also planning to buy a night vision, the 558 will be the more ideal option to opt for.