Lee LoadMaster Vs Lee Pro 1000

There are several reasons why people prefer to reload manually by themselves instead of purchasing commercial ammunitions. Better cost efficiency, enhanced accuracy and performance, and hobby are some of the most commonly mentioned reasons. Whatever your primarily reason for reloading is, if you are now looking for an affordable reloading kit, there are two products that may have captured your attention: Lee LoadMaster and Lee Pro 1000. Lee’s reloading kits are known to be affordable and budget-friendly, but these two products are available in a similar price range. So, what is the difference between Lee LoadMaster and Lee Pro 1000?

Lee LoadMaster Vs Lee Pro 1000

Design and Features
The very first difference that people usually mention about these two products is that Lee LoadMaster is a 5-hole progressive reloading kit, whereas Lee Pro 1000 is a 3-hole progressive reloading kit. The idea behind Lee LoadMaster is that it will give you more flexibility. Having five holes, Lee LoadMaster will let you use the extra spots for a lube/decap and factory crimp. On the other hand, Lee Pro 1000 is kind of limited and will only let you use the three standard holes without the option to use a lube/decap or factory crimp.

Lee LoadMaster includes the dies, turret, shell plate, Pro-Auto Disk powder gauge, primer feed, and case feeder. On the other hand, Lee Pro 1000 features the press, dies, turret, shell plate, powder measure, case feeder, and priming system.

By the way, don’t forget that both Lee LoadMaster and Lee Pro 1000 are only compatible and safe to use with CCI and Remington primers. For any brand besides those two, you have to install the explosion shield.

Even though Lee LoadMaster appears more versatile and reliable due to the features, the product has a flaw with the design that negatively affects the performance. The thing is that Lee LoadMaster primes on the down stroke while the case is being sized. As the effect, you will find difficulties in feeling the primer as it is seated. Thus, Lee LoadMaster can be fairly difficult and tricky to use. On the other hand, Lee Pro 1000 primes on the up stroke, allowing you to feel the primer as it is seated into the case.

Lee LoadMaster Vs Lee Pro 1000

Lee LoadMasterLee Pro 1000

Lee Pro 1000 is more recommended. Even though it is only a three-hole reloading kit, it has a better design that allows for much better reliability.

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