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Leupold VX 1 Vs Nikon Prostaff

One of the best universal law of success is doing what you do in the best way possible. This unique law holds even in the military field and rifles used by animal hunters.The main objective for anyone using a rifle is the ability to take your target down with one shot. This has brought a lot of research in the rifle optical lens to give the very best results.Among the most outstanding rifle scopes in the market are Leupold VX 1 Vs Nikon Prostaff. These two products will cost you less than $200 in most markets. But for rarely, which is the best among the two? Let’s check their unique feature and their capabilities.

Leupold VX 1 Vs Nikon Prostaff

Nikon Prostaff has a good recticle which even an mature shooter can be able to focus very quickly and make a good shot. There is no major difference in the weights or shapes of the two product the actual measurement of Nikon prostaff is 12.4 inches. On the other hand Nikon Prostaff as dimension of 12.6 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces. Nikon Prostaff has come with a Zero-reset turret which is well fitted with a spring- for adjustment the focusing knob and 3.6 inches of eye relief feature, on the other hand, Leupold VX1 has a well located Finger-adjustable dials that allow for speedy and easy zeroing thus adjustments in the target area is just a matter of seconds. (Have a look : Vortex Crossfire II Vs Nikon Prostaff)

Build quality, reliability, durability
In the manufacturing sense of difference in weather in the shooting, site was put into consideration and both this scope have nitrogen filled to aid in fog and mist proof performance there are also well designed to be water proof. The easy of installation is another matter of great advancement in manufacturing of the two gadgets.

One of the special features that comes with Leupold is the classic lockable latch eyepiece which helps to secure the focusing of the gun.the product also comes with a Quantum Optical System fitted with lead-free glass with the special Multi-coat four lens coatings. Nikon has also a good multi-color coat that allow a maximum entry of light to the eyepieces. Nikon Prostaff comes with good warrant procedures have slightly higher resale value due to the perception that their warranty is the best.

Leupold VX 1 Vs Nikon Prostaff

Leupold VX1Nikon Prostaff


When considering the is the adjustments of Leupold VX 1 Vs Nikon Prostaff many experts hate the minor friction adjustments on Leupold VX-I which reduce their accuracy and become brull with increasing mileage. On the other hand Nikon prostaff has a click style adjustment which can easy be done using a coin or screwdriver. The perception of the good warrant procedure entices customer to this product. When it come to customer pocket Nikon Prostaff is cheaper and technically more accurate than the Leupold scope piece.