Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch

Binoculars are very useful for hunting or just sightseeing and helpful to aid your vision to an object that is further away. They are also mostly very affordable with reliable performance such as the popular Nikon Prostaff Vs Monarch. These binoculars are made robust while giving you a clear view of objects located far away. These variants are very similar however so it can be confusing and if you wonder which will be the better option, let’s see below about what they can offer to you.

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  • Nikon Prostaff Vs Monarch


Our eyes are amazing because thanks to this organ we can perceive objects and gather information that can be the base of our judgment. But, as healthy as our eyes are or maybe you have 20/20 vision, it is impossible to see something that is located further away. Theoretically due to the curve of the earth we can still see up to 3 miles but it doesn’t mean we can see what’s located at the end of the range and this is why humans created scope to take a peek of what our eyes can’t perceive normally. 

Telescopes are probably one of the most important inventions humans have ever made since this design allows us to shorten the distance without having to actually travel it to perceive an object. In modern days scopes are getting better and more reliable both on the design and their power. But, different applications call for different scopes and it is not ideal to use your astronomy scope for hunting and using the binoculars to capture a galaxy so it is always best to match the scope with the type of application.

Telescopes, especially those we use to watch over galaxies and stars further away needs to be big enough to collect the light. The design is also varying widely and many have been tweaked to counter the original’s flaws such as what is often done for SCTs. On the other hand the smaller scopes or commonly called binoculars are usually simpler but instead of one eyepiece we have two of them. In most cases binoculars are used for hunting, fishing, and sightseeing, especially birding.

Bigger scopes always benefit from the clearer image but it is not wise to carry them while you are hunting for a game. As an example for hunting, we need to consider the weight we carry around including the rifle and its scope. The higher the magnification the larger as well they can get and naturally anything larger than 10x models will need a tripod to use properly which makes it not that ideal for applications that require you to move freely.

Fishing is the same but the concern is now whether we can conveniently use them on the boat. It may sound trivial but a pair of binoculars will be very helpful to spot a school of fish and other marine life especially for marine waters. Birding is probably the one that benefits from binoculars the most because this animal is often too small and difficult to get close to, hence a binoculars is a must to have for bird watching. The options however, are often the same we use for hunting.

Nikon Prostaff Monarch
Product Dimensions7 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches5.7 x 5.1 x 1.65 inches
Shipping Weight4.8 Ounces1.3 Pounds
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About Nikon Prostaff and Monarch

If you are here then it means you are also looking for binoculars and have decided which of them will be suitable for the application. Binoculars are actually very affordable and you can find so many of them from various different brands. It is a bit difficult to choose one unless you have tried them before but at least we can see what they can offer and match them with what you will need. If this is your first time then we recommend to stick with the more popular options for convenience.

They are well-known for good reasons and those that are suitable for many people have a high chance to fit in your preference or overall quality. For the affordable choice, you can have plenty of options but only some are going to be a good purchase and Nikon is one of them. We are sure most people, even those who don’t own a binoculars are familiar with this one because of how long they have been in the market creating a wide range of optics.

While they are more well-known for the digital and film cameras, they are also one of the best when it comes to affordable products that are still worthy to own in which Nikon Prostaff and Monarch are two of them. These names are also used to call their rifle scopes thus, some people may get confused but for this comparison we are going to talk about the two very affordable and reliable binoculars that are versatile enough for various applications. 

But, since they are very much the same to each other it can be difficult to decide which of the two will be your best choice and whether one of them has something more to offer. In comparison they are using the same mechanism and specs wise almost identical to each other. For the sample, we are using the Nikon Prostaff and Monarch in the 3S and 7 model while the power is 8×42 so the other variant may have slight differences.

Nikon Prostaff and Monarch Design

Before checking what Nikon Prostaff and Monarch can offer, let’s see the binoculars first and as you can see, the two are very compact for a more versatile application such as bird watching, hunting, and even for fishing because the two are already waterproofed. In comparison the form factor is a little bit different however because side by side they are 6 by 5 inches and 5.6 by 5.1 inches respectively. Surprisingly Prostaff is lighter at 20 oz. compared to Monarch at 23 oz.

We also like how durable they are and they seem to be able to sustain prolonged use with appropriate care. The Prostaff is lighter and is made of polycarbonate resin with fiberglass as reinforcement; the same with Monarch binoculars. Some of the parts are also featured with rubber coating for better durability and this material doesn’t have a strange odor or becomes sticky as well even for years of use. Read also: Nikon Prostaff Vs Aculon.

Nikon Prostaff and Monarch Specs

Moving to one of the most important parts, let’s see what Nikon Prostaff and Monarch can offer and as the name suggests, they are an 8 time magnification binoculars. It is ideal for typical bird viewing and hunting since the amount of zoom is more balanced with the field of view while also pretty easy to use in various applications. The large 42 mm objective diameter can surely gather lots of light for better image quality. What’s different is that you can see more using the Monarch binoculars.

This model is capable of showing an 8 degree of an image compared to 7.2 degree, similar with the apparent angular field of view which means there is slightly more area to capture when using the Monarch. With a field of view up to 420 feet from 1000 yards, the Monarch will show you more of a target which in application will be useful when tracking a moving object such as a colony or flock of birds.

Nikon Prostaff and Monarch Glass

What Nikon Prostaff and Monarch are boasting is their glass and they seem to use different technologies here. Starting with Prostaff, it is paired with Eco-glass which is lead and arsenic free for a more eco friendly option and better as well for users’ health. The Monarch is a little bit more sophisticated with Nikon’s premium ED or Extra-Low Dispersion glass, moreover when combined with their proprietary prisms coating. The benefit of ED glass is now the optic has minimum chromatic aberration to give you better details and rich colors.

The coating in these binoculars is also different since the Monarch is using Dielectric Multilayer Prism Coatings while the Prostaff uses high-reflectivity silver-alloy coating. The Monarch is said to have a higher light transmittance across the visible spectrum and give a realistic color similar to those we see directly with naked eye.

Nikon Prostaff and Monarch Performance 

Lastly we want to talk about the brightness and overall performance of the Nikon Prostaff and Monarch. First, all the adjustments feel firm so unless you accidentally touch or press the knobs or rings they will stay in place. The placements are also ideal and as you can see they are located at the same place. Second, image quality wise we are surprised the Prostaff is just as bright as Monarch and while “perceived by the naked eye” is not what you get, side by side we see the same level of quality in these binoculars. 

In conditions where the light is a bit dimmer however, Monarch is still very clear and this is probably what makes the binoculars impressive. Power wise, even on the higher magnification models these two are still very clear.

Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch

Both of them are good options for observation and performance wise Nikon Prostaff and Monarch are equally amazing. The prominent difference is that the Monarch will have a slightly wider field of view so it is better for tracking objects or targets that are moving around in an area. They also have different glass and coating but when it comes to image quality even the Prostaff which is considered more affordable is still very reliable.

- Multilayer-coated kenses for brighter images
- High-reflectivity silver-alloy mirror coatings for a bright and clear view
- Turn-and-slide rubber multi-click eyecups
- Water Proof and Fogproof
- Extra-low dispersion glass enhances brightness and color fidelity
- Roof prisms with phase-correction preserve clarity and detail
- Highly reflective dielectric prism coating renders
- Anti-reflective multicoated lens system


There is no bad option among the two and personally we are fine with any of them but if you are not really into high-quality optics we do recommend saving some and buying the Prostaff since this model already gives a clear image in a far more affordable price point.