Trijicon HD Orange Vs Yellow

Using only a plain iron sight on your pistol at night is obviously a futile attempt. You can’t see the iron sight in total darkness, which is exactly why people often buy an additional night sight set. A night sight set is usually an iron sight that has been equipped with lighting materials to provide some visibility, allowing you to aim your gun properly even under limited light. There are many products now available on the market. For sure, Trijicon HD is among the most popular choices right now. Trijicon HD boasts superior performance and is available at a reasonable price point. Trijicon HD is available in two models: orange and yellow. Which is the one that you should choose?


About Trijicon HD
Before we compare the orange and yellow variants, that would be a good idea if we discuss about the general specifications and features first. Trijicon HD is night sight set designed for pistols. It fits various Glock models. The set consists of two parts, the front sight and the rear sight. The rear sight has two lamps that are separated by the notch in the middle. The rear sight has been designed sophisticatedly, featuring a “U” notch with angled and serrated surface to minimize glare and enhance front sight acquisition. Meanwhile, the front sight has a single lamp that is circled by a painted ring, which can be orange or yellow depending on the variant you choose. It uses glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent paint to aid visibility and provide quick target acquisition. However, the lamps are all green, making use of tritium-filled glass lamps to provide superior illumination under no light and low light settings.

Orange vs Yellow
Now, you are aware that both Trijicon HD variants utilize green tritium-filled glass lamps, and only the front sight ring that is colored differently. Even though this aspect may seem a little bit trivial, choosing the right color is actually crucial. Since the color affects how quick you can aim and lock on the target, you need to choose the right color for the best performance.

Since the lamps are green, orange provides more contrast than yellow. Thus, with the orange ring, you will be able to see the front sight more easily. This allows for more precise and confident aiming. In addition, studies about color reflectivity also show that orange is easier to see than yellow. People react more quickly to the orange color than yellow. Even so, it would also be wise if you test both variants first and see which one is more comfortable for you.

Trijicon HD Orange Vs Yellow

Trijicon HD

In general, when choosing between Trijicon HD variants, orange makes a better choice than yellow. Orange provides more contrast and is easier to see. Yet, you can test both models first to see which one is more comfortable.

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