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Trijicon SRS Review : The Ultimate Red Dot Precision!

The red dot sight has always been considered as an excellent and versatile choice of scope. It is loved by many shooters because the performance is very flexible; it can do well for close quarter combats and medium ranges. It makes a perfect choice for modern city battles. It is also typically much lighter than a typical full-size riflescope. A red dot sight is also a great upgrade from the standard iron sight, since it can significantly enhance your shooting precision and accuracy.


However, choosing the right red dot sight from many choices available over the market is indeed no easy task. If you are looking for something that is as small and compact and lightweight as possible, yet giving you the best performance, then you should look no more. Trijicon SRS is your answer. With a length of barely 3.75 inches and a body mass of just 10.9 oz, Trijicon SRS is very compact and lightweight that it can be installed on any gun without any problem. It certainly will not affect your mobility and maneuverability, only enhancing your target acquisition performance. The construction is also solid and rugged, and the lenses are multi-coated and sealed.

By the way, Trijicon SRS is available in two variants. The first, SRS01, comes with the regular thumb screw mount. The second, SRS02, comes with the Quick Detach mount, which offers the ease of installing and uninstalling in a matter of seconds.

One unique feature of Trijicon SRS is the dual power source system. It requires a single AA battery to work, and you can use any AA battery – alkaline or lithium. However, it also comes equipped with an innovative solar cell system that collects energy when in daylight and convert them into electricity, effectively supporting the battery life. As the effect, Trijicon SRS offers a considerably long battery life. It can last for over 2.5 years with an alkaline battery, and even over 3 years when running on a lithium battery. It is very cost-efficient.


- Shorter housing eliminates the tube-effect typical of other sealed reflex sights - Large 28mm aperture - Trijicon SRS provides a massive field of view for quicker target engagements - 1.75 MOA dot is small enough for precision and with 10 brightness settings -bright enough for any speed - Dual power sources — an innovative solar cell assisted by a single AA battery - SRS takes up less rail space while maintaining the durability expected from Trijicon

How about the performance? Truth to be told, Trijicon SRS is among the best-performing red dot sights available on the market. The 1.75 MOA dot is very sharp and crisp, yet highly visible for easy and quick target acquisition. Larger dots tend to block your view over the target, jeopardizing your accuracy. But with Trijicon SRS, you will never have such issue. In addition, it is also compatible with Night Vision devices. It has three NV brightness settings and seven day brightness settings.

Another great thing about Trijicon SRS is that it is packed with a large 28 mm lens aperture. Despite the small physicality, Trijicon SRS actually provides a massive field of view. In addition, the sophisticated design has allowed Trijicon SRS to eliminate that annoying tunnel effect often occurring on red dot sights and full-size riflescopes! As the effect, regardless of your viewing distance and angle, Trijicon SRS will always be ready to give you the quality aim needed for the situation at hand.

Specifications of Trijicon SRS
Magnification 1x
Objective Size 38mm
Clear Aperture 28mm (1.1 in.)
Field of View
23m @ 100m (with 4 in. eye relief)
69 ft. @ 100 yds. (with 4 in. eye relief)
Adjustments 1 click = 1/2 MOA
Adjustment Range
Dimensions (L x W x H)
95 x 64 x 61mm
3.75 x 2.5 x 2.4 in.
Weight 310g (10.9 oz.)
Illumination Source LED
Battery Life
2.5+ continuous years at brightness setting 7 of 10 (alkaline battery)
3+ continuous years at brightness setting 7 of 10 (lithium battery)
Brightness Settings
10 Total Settings
Super-Bright, Day 6, Day 5, Day 4, Day 3, Day 2, Day 1, NV 3, NV 2, NV 1
Photovoltaic Cell
Provides supplemental power in daylight conditions, increasing battery life.
Black: SRS01 Thumb Screw Mount
Black: SRS02 Quick Release Mount

Pros of Trijicon SRS
– Sharp and crisp red dot under any light condition for the ultimate accuracy and precision
– NV-compatible
– Very wide field of view, without the tunneling effect!
– Ultra-long battery life, thanks to the solar power support

Price of Trijicon SRS
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