Viridian X5L Review : Powerful and Versatile Laser Sight with Tactical Light

Even though you are not a fan of laser sights, having one that has an integrated tactical light ready in your equipment box is a wise decision. You may never know if you will have to shoot in a pitch black environment, and, for such situation, a laser sight and a tactical light can be very handy. A laser sight allows you to shoot with the ultimate precision, although it also reveals your location. But a tactical light is always flexible; it can illuminate a darkened room, disorient enemies, and perhaps help you find an accidentally dropped key late at night.


Viridian X5L makes a perfect weaponry equipment and an excellent value for the money. It is a very powerful and versatile laser sight, featuring an integrated tactical light of equal power. It has the performance needed for any critical and demanding situation, and it comes with a universal mounting system compatible with any railed weapon. In addition, The housing has been designed to be compact and lightweight. With a total mass of just 3.3 oz, it won’t be too much of weight. It is ready for heavy-duty uses, thanks to the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and Zytel(R) polymer covers.


- Battery Life - 6+ hours constant, 10+ hours pulse, 60 minutes light and laser - Construction - 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum - Laser Intensity - 5mW peak / 532nm Optimum wavelength - Activation - Automatic activation w/ ECR and User-defined operating modes. - Laser Range - Targeting up to 100 yards daylight, 2 miles at night

The word ‘viridian’ is derived from a Latin ‘viridis,’ which means ‘green.’ So, of course, Viridian X5L is a green laser sight. The Class IIIa green laser is sharp and bright. It is powerful enough to reach an astonishing distance of 2 miles at night, though at day, it is reduced to just 100 yards. It excels for short, medium, and long distances. Meanwhile, the tactical light is equally powerful, capable of delivering 154 Lumens in the continuous mode and 187 Lumens in the strobe mode. There are six operating modes available: continuous laser only, continuous light only, continuous laser-and-light, strobe laser only, strobe light only, strobe laser-and-light. It is also fully user-customizable with windage and elevation adjustments as well as pulse rate, strobe rate, and light output settings.

Viridian X5L is compatible with the ECR instant-on holster system, allowing you to be ready for the action without fumbling. However, you can also turn on the device by pressing one of the power buttons. Pressing both power buttons on the left and right sides will let you cycle through the operating modes. Viridian X5L operates using a single CR123A 3V Lithium battery, which can provide over 6 hours of constant laser or up to 60 minutes of simultaneous laser and light.

Specifications of Viridian X5L
Construction – 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, front and rear covers from Zytel(R) polymer.
Activation – Automatic activation with ECR and user-defined operating modes.
Beam Intensity and Wavelength – 5mW peak, 532nm, Class IIIa, Continuous wave.
Beam Divergence/Spot Size/Range – 1.2 mrad, approx. 0.5″ at 50 feet.
Range – up to 100 yards daylight, 2 miles at night.
Dimensions / Weight – 2.84″ L x 1.37″ H x 1.45″ W, 3.3 oz.
Power Source / Battery Life: 6+ hours of constant laser, 10+ hours of pulsing laser, 60 minutes of laser and light.
Battery Type – one CR123A 3V Lithium (included).
Tactical Light Output – 154 Lumens on Continuous, 187 Lumens on Strobe.
User Adjustable: Ambidextrous activation, easy-to-use windage and elevation adjustments, customizable laser pulse rate, tactical light strobe rate, and light output.
Universal Mounting System: A modular rail set included for quick mounting to virtually all railed handguns and rifles.

Pros of Viridian X5L
– Very powerful laser and light with excellent brightness and range
– Highly adjustable and customizable
– Decent battery life
– Compatible with a variety of weapons
– Solid and rugged housing constructed of high-quality lightweight materials

Price of Viridian X5L
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