Vortex Spitfire vs Sparc

The overall performance of Vortex Spitfire is indeed outstanding. Previously, we battled it against Vortex Strikefire. And the one that won is the Spitfire, with its special unique Prism scope. But how would it be, when it’s introduced to the Sparc AR? Can it still stand as one of the best scopes for AR15s?

Both of them are especially manufactured by Vortex with the same riser mechanism in order to eliminate problematic issues regarding the height adjustment. They have the same rear-mounted controls inset into the riser. The riser has been made to be an integral component of the scope, as well being a space for storing the AAA battery.

The price range is on a different level here. Spitfire always has a more expensive price, staying at 350 dollars. Sparc on the other hand, is way more affordable at 275 dollar price point. Is the known Prism scope in Spitfire really that good or the cheaper Sparc AR is more than enough?

In order to determine the winner of this battle, which seems to be a never ending one,  let’s see the information about them right on below.

Vortex Sparc

As you may know already, both Sparc and Spitfire are built within the same kingdom. Vortex, a popular brand, mostly known to be a straight alternative for a more affordable optics, with an intact, strong, and dependable quality. Sparc AR, came as a newborn in the red dots production line. Still carrying the small, easy-to-carry everywhere design, it arrives with some additional features that are always awaited by hunters or marksmen alike. It’s even completed with a more modern look, which makes it look a bit futuristic.

Comes with as small size as possible. With the total 7.5 oz and 2.9 inches in length, it does come as a small and compact scope. It’s fully multi coated as well, and the strong physical build is pretty dependable in rough condition. Read also: Vortex Spitfire vs Strikefire.

Specially designed for close quarter combat, the scope is equipped with 1x magnification. It’s more than enough and relevant with the purpose. You won’t be aiming for more than 300 yards. It’ll lose its shine when used for such a long distance. But, once it’s combined with suitable ARs, in a close combat scenario, it’ll be your true best friend.

 Vortex SpitfireVortex Sparc
Product Dimensions6.8 x 2.5 x 4 inches5.6 x 4.6 x 2.7 inches
Shipping Weight14.4 ounces13.3 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

As said above, the scope has 1x magnifier. You may do a bit of customization by buying accessories. They are mostly additional maginifers like VMX-3T and Micro 3x Magnifier for 250 and 450 dollars. Price of it is actually reasonably higher than the scope itself. But it’s still gonna be worth it for reaching further distance.

It’s a simple and effective scope. 2 MOA dot size comes for making a quick and responsive aiming. It’s an easy point and shoot indicator. Simple but always effective. With the purpose in close combat, the diameter of the lens is made for 22m only. You won’t need a wide FOV for such kind of combat. The bright red dot is simple, clear, and always visible in different kinds of terrain. Plus, the unlimited eye relief will make targeting easier and more convenient. It also has the additional settings, two to be exact that can be adjusted for night vision.

The Sparc AR is powered up by simple AAA batteries. Once charged up, it can stay for 50.000 hours. So you can basically fill it with energy fully, and use it for months or even a year. Going to the desert, jungle, or tundra for a long period of time ? No problem.

It offers a lot of user friendly features, surely useful for not only beginners but also the advanced marksmen. Aside from the strong build by rugged materials, it has the previously mentioned unlimited Eye Relief, additional settings for night vision, and Parallax Free. It’s like a complete package that is ready to use anytime.

All of this can be bought with only 275 dollars. It’s traded with a box set of torx wrench, triple A batteries, the scope, of course, and the applicable mounts. Plus, the buyers will get a lifetime warranty provided directly by Vortex. Isn’t that great?

Vortex Spitfire

Our previous winner. The Spitfire comes with several aspects being carried out. It has the same rear-mounted control, just like the Sparc. Making it easy to install it on the suitable ARs. The riser has the same functions to store the triple A batteries inside. But, the power is a bit weaker than Sparc though.

It can last about 250 to the maximum 300 hours, depending on the level of brightness adjusted. Reticle’s is different on this bulky scope. It has the dua red and green colored reticles, with five different brightness settings. The Dual Ring reticles making the user able to aim quickly and with much precision.

Sadly, the scope doesn’t come with high protection like the Sparc has. But still, it’s strong to scope, and still functions for a long use. It’s way big, and a lot heavier. The scope itself is 11.2 oz, 4.3 inches. It’s big, and not big. Even though it is heavier, it’s still capable of arriving as a small compact scope.

Carries out the same features. Fully Multi-Coated, Parallax Free, and a set of brightness settings, plus the additional special Prism design. But it lacks the other features that exist in Sparc like unlimited Eye Relief and more rugged materials.

For such a 350 dollars, Vortex Spitfire was and still a good scope to have. The price is clearly not for everyone, but the functions may help greatly for both the beginners or experts in the world of firearms.

Vortex Spitfire vs Sparc

- The generous sight picture and forgiving eye box get you on target effortlessly in any scenario. - Fully multi-coated lenses offer true to life clarity and brightness.
- The dual ring tactical reticle is etched on the prism providing you with a visible point of aim whether powered up or not. Ten intensity levels perfectly match ambient light conditions while you also have an option between red or green illumination.
- With shockproof construction, the Spitfire withstands recoil and impact while nitrogen purging and o-ring seals ensure fogproof and waterproof performance.
A common AAA battery powers the illuminated reticle. Field of View: 79 feet/100 yards
- The updated SPARC features rugged construction that’s still compact, with a lightweight form-factor. The 2 MOA dot is as easy as point and shoot - it’s quick to acquire in close-quarters, but fine enough for pin-point accuracy at extended ranges.
- With up to 700 hours of battery life on the highest setting, 50, 000 hour on its lowest, and night-vision compatibility at the lowest two settings, the SPARC red dot will keep working in a variety of conditions.
- Increased light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Unlimited eye relief for rapid target acquisition. 12 illumination settings allows shooters to change the dot intensity to the situation at hand.
- Highly durable hard-coat anodization provides a low-glare matte surface and helps camouflage position. A unique, integrated base with multi-height mount system allows for either absolute co-witness or lower 1/3 co-witness mounting on rifle platforms.


Comparing the price, the overall build, and features, we agree to pick the Vortex Sparc as the winner of this battle. It has a way more affordable price, yet still able to bring more useful features to have. It’s a complete companion to have that works for all kinds of firearm enthusiasts. An easy and highly dependable scope in close range combat.